[Beyond Time and Space, Cry for LOVE-What Women Feel] vol. 1 (Cover: PU-02)

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[Beyond Time and Space, Cry for LOVE-What Women Feel] vol. 1  (Cover: PU-02)

[*Will be available from November 14, 2020]

All the books with the original cover from this title can display like this as art.
Handcrafted unique encaustic monotype (out of 10 variations) will be released on November 14 in conjunction with TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR / VIRTUAL ART BOOK FAIR 2020. Please CHECK BACK this site.

Sorry, some of the unique covers are already RESERVED or SOLD OUT.
But, the new available cover within the limited variation will be up from November 14 at this site. (Inside is the same. Can be viewed on YouTube: See below)

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(Front Cover: Unique. Purple-02: RESERVED)

The book contains Misako Oba's 10 encaustic mixed media artworks from the series Truth in Emotion, Beyond Time and Space, inspired by the ancient Japanese poems called Hakunin Isshu (100 poems by 100 poets), the anthology of ca. 7th-13th century Japanese Waka poems.

Part 1 of her series is titled Cry for LOVE - What Women Feel, a collection of desperate love poems by female poets. The English translation and the description are also provided in the book by the artist along the images of each and the original Waka. This is Oba's first handbound artist book.

Font Cover: Unique, handcrafted with encaustic monotype.
Variation of 10 (this is PU-02).
Hand numbered, signed, and stamped.
UV-coated pigment print.
Handbound by the artist with thread.
Comes with mini-encaustic scroll charm!
*Easel Not Included

188 x 140mm (approx. 7.5 x 5.5 inch)
23 pages
Created: October 2020

*To view inside the artbook, go to:

[YouTube]: https://youtu.be/p2YPq41ygcY
[Behind the Scene]: https://misakooba.wordpress.com

((Thank you to everyone for visiting Vancouver Art Book Fair in October, 2020. The next exhibition will be Tokyo Art Book Fair in November, 2020. Stay Connected! Please come back here on November 14))