Artist book [Cry for LOVE-What Women Feel] vol. 1 Encaustic unique Cover

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Artist book [Cry for LOVE-What Women Feel] vol. 1   Encaustic unique Cover

Currently << SOLD OUT >> However, 2023 NEW Collector's edition (each unique/variation) will be created, exhibited and available in October 2023. If you are interested in viewing in person at Misako OBA's solo show, please let us know your email address from CONTACT Form or use email address below. (日本語は下記)
(The current photo images left are previous edition).
Some photos of the books were removed.

Misako OBA's artist book [Cry for LOVE-What Women Feel] with the original hand-crafted encaustic art cover. Blue/Purple/Brown Variations of 10

Also, the special "Love/Spring Art Front Cover" 🌸 variations.

More photos:

The book contains the images of Misako Oba's 10 encaustic mixed media artworks from the series "Truth in Emotion, Beyond Time and Space-Cry for LOVE", inspired by the ancient Japanese poems called Hakunin Isshu (100 poems by 100 poets), the anthology of ca. 7th-13th century Japanese Waka poems, along with the original Japanese poems, the meaning of each poem in re-written calligraphy, and the descriptions.

Part 1 of her series is titled Cry for LOVE - What Women Feel, a collection of desperate love poems by female poets. The emotions are truly 'beyond time and space'. This is Oba's first handbound artist book series.

Font Cover: Unique, handcrafted with encaustic monotype and collage.
Comes with mini-encaustic scroll charm.
Handbound by the artist with thread.
Hand numbered, signed, and signature stamped.
UV-coated pigment print.

188 x 138mm (approx. 7.5 x 5.5 inch)
23 pages
Year Created:
Encaustic art cover of Love/Spring version - Sprint 2021.
Encaustic art cover of the first variation of 10 - Fall 2020.

*** In addition to enjoy reading the text and viewing the images inside, the book with the original cover can be also displayed like an art itself; on easel, with frame, or lean on to the wall.

*Short quick version to view inside the artbook:

*The full version of the video showing inside the book with beautiful music by Zach Para of New York base band The City of the Sun ♬ is available on on YouTube and Vimeo. There is also link icon on the top page of this shop.

🎨 ✨ーーーーーーーJapanese:

現在 << 完売>>  しかし!

蜜ロウ エンコースティック・ミニ巻物チャーム付きオリジナル 表紙の青・紫・茶色バーション、及び Love/Spring バージョンのピンク表紙も、完売しました。

※ 本の中身は半透明表紙 [TRANSLUCENT COVER VERSION ]として、現在購入可能です。同サイト内をご覧ください。サイト内にない場合はご連絡ください。


「時空を超えて 愛を求めて 〜女の気持ち〜」 Vol. 1
💜🌸 蜜ロウ エンコースティック・ミニ巻物チャーム付き



- 蜜ロウ エンコースティック・ミニ巻物チャーム付き
- 2021年春Love/Springアート表紙、2020年秋 第一版発行 手製本版
- アーティスト・サイン、印入り
- 188 x 138mm、23ページ
- エンコースティック・アート表紙限定版

♬✨💜本の中身を堪能できるビデオ、国際的に活躍するバンドCity of the Sunメンバーの音楽付きフルバージョンはYouTubeにてご覧いただけます。

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