"Beyond Time Waka Poem" zine| 時空を超えて (百人一首英訳+現代訳+英語和歌入り)

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"Beyond Time Waka Poem" zine| 時空を超えて (百人一首英訳+現代訳+英語和歌入り)

Each One-of-a-kind encaustic monotype zine with timeless English and Japanese love poem.
Just added new LOVE poem numbers/images in February 2021!💜 On Sale as sending love and gratitude (Some half price!) in a "month of LOVE, February". (The price may go up afterward.)
*When you checkout: Please SELECT OPTION above to Add to Cart. You can choose the poem number/color. Or let us choose for you if you select "Any Number." The text layout in the pagers is the same and contents (Poems) and the monotype encaustic paintings of each book are different.

(Note: Since these are the limited variation original art, the price may vary and subject to change. If you see Sold sign, please choose a different number or contact us the availability of the same Waka poem number.) Also, we are happy to provide about the actual English Waka poems (text/meaning) if it helps to decide which one you would like. Please refer to Books page of the [Behind the Scene] blog in the below link as well. :: 日本語は下記。

These artbooks/small zines feature ancient medium encaustic, timeless love poems, and has modern translations. Each book is uniquely handcrafted. They are made from an encaustic monotype print on Japanese washi, calligraphy paper with an embossed front cover and it is also bound by the artist Misako Oba.  
Originally, the "Beyond Time and Space" series was created with encaustic mixed media on wood panels.

The English 5-7-5-7-7 syllables/Waka poems were created by Zan Appell for this project. The poems are inspired by the translation from the original ancient Hakunin Isshu (100 poems by 100 poets), the anthology of ca. 7th-13th century Japanese Waka poems that is well-known in Japan. Each book contains one original ancient Japanese Waka poem along with the Oba's artwork image, modern Japanese translation, and English description/translation. The book is a reflection of common emotions that focuses on love, beyond time and space.

This book can be opened from every angle. It also stands like a traditional Japanese screen (Byoubu 屏風). It would be suitable as a gift to your friends and loved ones!

Size:2.5x2.5x0.4 inch(63x63x10 mm )
Year Created: November 2020-January 2021.

*There are variation with encaustic art (each unique) on the pages and the cover.

👉To view inside the artbook, go to:
[YouTube]: https://youtu.be/suskTEPjRuk

👉For more information, visit [Behind the Scene] : https://misakooba.wordpress.com/books/

----------------------In Japanese
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古代から現代、日本と海外、時空を超えて同じような気持ちを経験する私たち人間の感情をテーマにした、大庭みさこのアート・シリーズ「時空を超えて」パート1「愛を求めて 〜女の気持ち」の作品からのミニ・ブック版。同シリーズは、もともと蜜ロウを使ったアート作品ですが、今回、制作・リリースしたこの手製ミニ本 (zine)には、美術家であり、アート関連ほか日米で執筆・通訳・翻訳の仕事にも携わってきた著者による、小倉百人一首の現代語和訳と英語翻訳が入っています。
さらにアメリカ人、ザン・アッペル氏による書き下ろし、百人一首の各和歌にちなんだ百人一首の英語版ともいえる 5-7-5-7-7の英語和歌入り。

和歌番号は、今回のシリーズにちなんだ百人一首の女流歌人の恋の歌から、現在、( 百人一首和歌番号の) 54, 89, 58, 62, 56番の中から選べます。選択の「おまかせ」もあり。

表紙の片方にBeyond Time and Space, Cry for LOVE 「愛を求めて 〜女の気持ち」シリーズから、該当和歌に関連するアートの画像が、またもう片側はエンボスを使った表紙となっています。


サイズ:63x63x10 mm (2.5x2.5x0.4 inch)。 

👉 本の中を見るビデオは [YouTube]:



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